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Welcome to Geeklog!

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Welcome and let me be the first to congratulate you on installing Geeklog. Please take the time to read everything in the docs directory. Geeklog now has enhanced, user-based security. You should thoroughly understand how these work before you run a production Geeklog Site.

To log into your new Geeklog site, please use this account:

Username: Admin
Password: password

And don't forget to change your password after logging in!

Give Up Smoking Or Other Addictions

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Geeklog If you are substance-subordinate, this may be joined or caused by the inability to fulfill no less than one of your most significant needs. Yet neglectful of it, you may have this idea there is a power outside your capacity to control that keeps you from achieving your dreams, enormous or small. You may even yield self-pound by keeping up the conviction that it is essentially exorbitantly troublesome for you, making it difficult to surrender old penchants like smoking, drinking alcohol or eating addictive sustenance